Tuesday, August 9, 2011

.: Misunderstood Inspiration:.

My emotions are a major role in my art. For those that know me, they would say I have a pretty twisted way of thinking, I would just say I find the beauty in the darkest things. Why fear something that seems "scary"? Why not take what you fear most and try to understand it? After all what you fear the most is the unknown, I guess that's why some people fear death or what comes after it. I as any other have fears and sometimes I try my best to understand them but I am only human. I would rather spend my time laughing about the little things with my friends. Happiness is also a great source of inspiration. I take moments Ive captured in my memories and transfer them to paper. Or I become inspired by the ones around me, either way it all leads to me picking up a piece of paper and creating something. Nature is also a influence, I love all that it is from the little rocks in  your backyard to the biggest mountains, it fascinates me the same. The life that it brings and even the death the it takes. I don't see anything wrong with appreciating something that's no longer living, if you cared about it so much shouldn't you love it  regardless? (As long as it in a healthy manner) I guess its like when family member pass on, you still love them after death. People create things to honor them and commemorate them. I admire that kind of artwork, its the kind of work that has its own voice. My work isn't the best in the world but I do put a lot of effort into what I do and what I create. Its my form of expression and the only thing where I can create anything and everything I want. Photography is another one of my outlets, it allows me to take something ordinary and give it a new perspective. I admire tattoos because of how beautiful they are and because of the reasoning behind it. Each one has its own story just waiting to be told. I may possibly get one in the future but until then I'll keep on deciding what it should be. Sorry for rambling, but this is what inspires me, what inspired you?

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Monday, August 1, 2011


Often I find myself thinking or sulking about the past and what it has taken me to get where I am today. It wasn't a pleasant journey but I made it out alive and well (for the most part). When I'm alone I think of many things to do and sometimes its quite laughable. I also like to do the random-est things like dress myself like a zombie or pretend its Halloween and paint my face, taking random pictures and overall just being weird (helps to keep me distracted). I find that I can also be very productive when I am alone but at the same time I tend to be most unstable(emotionally). To me, being alone can be a curse and a blessing but for the most part its grey (more dark than light). But I also remember I am never truly alone. I have people who care about me. Sometimes as humans we feel like no one cares about us anymore but that's never true. Someone will always be there for you and want to see you smile. Never forget that....its important.
I know that if it weren't for a few individuals I might not be here today so for those who feel alone don't. When your world seems to be crashing down there will be others there to help you pick it up. So don't be like me and dwell on the past, keep moving forward! Smile you look better when you smile... 

"You dont walk this path alone, we walk as one"

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