Tuesday, November 29, 2011

.: Ghost :.

As I laid here in the forest, dirt and roots beneath me, to let the normal noise that haunts my mind clash with the sounds of the trees and whispers of the wind. A place where I can escape and run away from this place I call purgatory, at times I wonder will I ever see an end or will I go on searching for reality in this forbidden plane. People once told me that the light at the end of the tunnel burns brighter with every step to take towards it, in my case this is not so. The lights in the eyes of everyone around me slowly begins to fade and what was a scream of joy becomes nothing but a whisper in my memory. Through the fog and into the threshold of the unknown looking for the gates to my salvation, instead slowly sinking into the depths of desperation hidden in the vast corners of my mind. In the clouded skies I search for the eye of the moon to guide me when all is lost. A sea of subconscious, a island of reality and it seems I'm usually stuck at sea, but tonight, underneath the moon and laying down on the dirt. Surrounded by the foliage and rocks of all sizes, tonight and only tonight do my feet actually touch the earth. For once I'm not drifting nor sinking, for once I'm here and the voices that plague my mind with the constant howling subside,the storm in my soul stops, all that is now is all that is to be. When you live in fear of the the world around you and the world you create, you live in a world where everything is grey and the only thing that keeps you alive is the calls and cries of the ones you hold dear, the ones you love, and when they are gone what are you? Your just another ghost...

I live in fear that one day you will replace me...



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