Friday, December 30, 2011

.: Hello? Is Anyone There? :.

There once was a girl, this girl lived in a little town where the dark skies loomed over the city like a never-ending shadow, where the grass never grew and silence was your only response. She would often walk along the city limits waiting for what? She didn't even know herself. She walked along the barrier dividing the city from the the outside world, she had always hoped to see it, a place where the skies were blue, where trees grow and reach for the sun, where children's laughter filled the sky. A place she always dreamed of, the complete opposite of the bird cage she called home. The light slowly began to fade from her eyes and she was lost in a profound darkness, even her shadow had abandoned her by this point. As she was walking toward the wall of solitude she heard a voice. "Hello? Is anyone there?" she looked with curious eyes and responded "yes, who is this?" "hello my name is Damon, and you?" "Beatrix, that's my name" the two talked for what seemed like days, they would meet up everyday by the barrier and talk about their lives. Seasons passed, years past and time because something unmeasurable. They forged a bond which would connect them forever. One day Beatrix said "I wonder how life would be if we could live together, see eachother face to face, that would be the best day of my life..." Damon stayed quiet for a moment and responded "I promise we will one day". The next day when Beatrix went to meet Damon she heard a strange noise and ran and what she saw left her in awe. Damon spent all night breaking a hole on the barrier and stood right in front of Beatrix, both stared at eachother with loving eyes, the light that left was slowly rekindled. The two embraced lovingly and escaped to find the world which they would call home. Did they find it no one knows but from what people have heard they found it the moment he said hello.


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