Sunday, January 8, 2012

..: And All That Was Will Be Nothing More But Dream :..

Dark smoke, the scent of decay filled the air, as she sat there in a place pondering "Does your hesitation match mine?" she shook her head, "No I'm afraid I'm mistaken". Her dark eyes filled with tears, strong faces "I won't cry here, I won't cry for him" she whispered over and over to herself on that dusty old park bench. Shaking there in the cold she heard a noise and quickly raised her head to find a familiar face hovering above her own. "I'm sorry I was late, things came up and I...I'm sorry" he said with a cheesy grin, "it's fine, it always is..." she spoke, the tears began to stream down her face, "what's wrong?!" he asked while grabbing her by the shoulder trying to comfort her. With a weary expression she looking upon him, staring through his eyes and into her own, "im...I'm so sorry..." she quietly said "for?" he said with worry. "I... I can't remember your face....its a blur, I somewhat remember you but it seems I can't recall who you are or at least your not who you say you are...." the boy responded with a cocky laugh, "haha, It's me! You're best friend!!! Come on we talk all the time" "Used too" she quickly corrected. "What do you mean? You have priority" "I had priority, now we only talk when you're not busy" she replied with a blank look in her eyes "You used to tell me everything, now I'm not so sure... I don't feel like your equal, I feel like I'm kept in the shadows, like an abandoned project that you'll get back to 'one day'". He stared "You know that's not true, I'm always there for you" "correction you try to be there, and I appreciate it" she voice was gentle "but recently I've felt you far away, mentally gone. Like not even my words faze you anymore, like I'm becoming nothing on your eyes" tears streamed down her face like a river but she stayed quiet for a brief moment. "I know you're busy and it's not your fault that you are, but I can't help feeling this way, and it seems that every time I try telling you you change topics or move around it, despite this you know I love you but sometimes I feel you don't care at all, I know you do but sometimes I don't feel it. You hide your thoughts from me, when I ask you how you're feeling I feel you putting on a mask" the boy stayed quite. "I've been gone..." he said with a serious expression, "then take me with you, don't leave me here guessing or thinking what's wrong, sometimes I'm gone too but I take you with me, I close off and hide but at least you're not left in the dark..." she replied her voice becoming distorted by the mixing emotions coursing through her body, "I'm sorry" he replied, looking down at the floor while kicking dirt, a single tear running down his face. She stood up from the dusty park bench and gently lifted his face and smiled "There's the face I remember, that's the face of my best friend, please don't hide anymore". She grabbed his hand and he said "Where are we going?" "Anywhere, it doesn't matter, let's go home".

Sometimes it's the little things that matter. Sometimes we just need to know where we stand in the eyes of the people that matter.

Since we'll never talk about it at least it could happen in my dreams...


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