Saturday, February 25, 2012

.: What happened? :.

We move forward, step by step, pace by pace and suddenly I look up and you are ahead of me. I try to catch up, I run and yell yet you turn away and keep walking. Then your out of my line of sight and I fall to the floor. I cry and let out a scream of anguish, of loss. Left breathless, I struggle to survive. My lungs filling with this silence, with this madness that runs up my veins and injects pain into my very being, heart and mind lose control. Now I'm sinking, yes. Slowly sinking deeper and deeper, your voice? I hear nothing, just a grey sky and enough sadness to cause the heavens to weep with me. This loneliness only fuels my already going disease, I'm up to my mouth with quicksand, the sand fills my lungs. Now that you can't save me you turn, and now that I am gone you weep. Now the same silence hurts you, now you know what you put me through...
This story is all metaphorical and what have you, but when you keep secrets from me, you hurt me more than anything. Answer me this, what did I do to lose your trust, your kindness or honesty? What happened?


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